KimBab CheonGuk

Restaurant: KimBab CheonGuk
Cuisine: Korean
Area: Coquitlam- Lougheed
Address: Unit A-341 North Road
Parking: Mall Parking
Phone: (604) 936-0222
Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 9:00am – 8:00pm; Sat 9:00am – 9:00pm; Sun 9:00am – 4:00pm

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It has been about a year and half since I moved to Surrey and I can say that I am pretty much satisfied with my life here. Especially with Hannam Supermarket and the new Guildford Town Centre being very close to where I live, I can get most of my shopping done (if not everything) without having to cross the bridge. I also find that Surrey has a good variety of different ethnic restaurants as well, but still no place to have some good KimBab and DdeokBokKi; the only option for me here would be the ones from Hannam, which are not too bad either but their DdeoBokKi is just not good at all, at least to my taste.


KimBab CheonGuk is a good representation of typical Korean BunSikJibs, where BunSik dishes like DeokBokKi, KimBab, RaMyun, Mandoo, Fish Cakes and more are sold. In Korea, BunSikJibs are known for their large portions and affordable prices. It is fairly common to find at least one or two of them in school areas, and these BunSikJibs are always packed with students after school- boys to feed their hungry soul and girls to spend time with friends, gossiping about teachers and other girls from different classes or schools. I guess that is why BunSikJibs still remain quite popular among adults; they not only are quick and affordable but also take us back to the old days.

Until KimBab CheonGuk was opened, there was no Korean restaurant doing BunSiks and even until now, KimBab CheonGuk is one of the few BunSikJibs found in Metro Vancouver.


Beef Bone Broth

  • Complimentary
  • Could be the Dashida (Korean instant beef soup stock) taste but I just love this
  • Have this while hot with your KimBabs


DanMooJi (Pickled radish) 

  • Complimentary
  • Just normal ones that you would find at any Korean supermarkets
  • A must-have for Koreans when eating noodles like JjaJyangMyeon, RaMyeon, and Udon (My mom even brings them to Pho places)
  • I personally prefer the white ones, as those are made without yellow food colouring but it is not really a matter here

IMG_0098 IMG_0093

Tuna KimBab – 4/5

  • $3.50
  • Canned tuna, mayo, carrots, cucumbers, egg, and yellow pickled radish
  • Those who like soft-textured foods would prefer this over other Kimbabs
  • Crispy seaweed with right amount of sesame oil
  • Well-cooked rice with well-seasoned ingredients
  • Usually very busy, hence just like shown here, often find some Kimbabs not rolled tightly as they should be. As long as they deliver the expected flavor, I personally do not really mind seeing some gaps in my Kimbab.


Regular KimBab – 3.5/5

  • $2.99
  • Carrots, cucumbers, fish cake, burdock, egg, and yellow pickled radish
  • Solid basic Kimbab with crunchy vegetables
  • Crispy seaweed with right amount of sesame oil
  • Well-cooked rice with well-seasoned ingredients


SoonDae – 3/5

  • Korean sausage- pork intestine stuffed with pork blood and glass noodles (traditionally)
  • It may sound gross to some people but once you try them, you would not find them gross anymore
  • Very moist and soft; outer layer is not too chewy, which I like
  • I am not sure if these are traditionally made Soondaes, but these have very mild to none Soondae flavor…


RaBokKi – 4/5

  • $7.50
  • Rice cakes, cabbages, onions, fish cakes, instant noodle, boiled egg
  • I prefer their Rabokki over Ddeokbokki
  • Sauce is on the sweeter side due to added cabbages and onions but also from the extra sugar added- similar to what you can find in typical Bunsikjibs in Korea
  • Rice cakes have well absorbed the sauce, and are soft and chewy
  • Good amount of fish cakes, cabbages and onions
  • They include a boiled egg, which I always crush and roughly mix into the sauce as I did here

IMG_0102 IMG_0104

Some Koreans would like to dip their Soondaes or Kimbabs in Ddeokbokki/Rabokki sauce, and some would not. I recommend you try both ways and find out which group you are in! 🙂



As their name (KimBab Heaven) states, their main items would be KimBabs and personally I think they have the best KimBabs in Metro Vancouver. What makes this place better is that their regular meal options are mostly good as well. If you crave for cold noodles, but ChoSun BBQ Korean Restaurant would be a farther option for you, try them here and you will be satisfied (not offered during Winter, and you may have to adjust the sweetness by adding extra sugar available on each table). KimBab CheonGuk is a great place for people of all ages and the best place to take out some tasty KimBabs.

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