Cactus Club Cafe

Restaurant: Cactus Club Cafe
Cuisine: International
Area: Burnaby- Byrne Rd. location
Address: 7320 Market Crossing
Parking: Mall Parking
Phone: (604) 430-5000
Hours of Operation: Sun-Thurs 11:00am – 12:00am; Fri-Sat 11:00am – 1:00am

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Was it too early for me to get excited about Spring and move all my winter jackets down to the basement room? Today was just too cold, so I came straight home after my church and watched some Korean TV shows with my parents.

To make my day a little more productive, I will just talk about my recent visit to Cactus Club Cafe in Burnaby.

During my university years, Cactus Club Cafe was one of my favorite restaurants and I used to go there at least twice every month. I cannot remember in what year it happened but I was very disappointed when they took my favorite dish, KungPao Chicken Noodles down from their menu. It was almost hurtful to admit that I would not be able to taste that ever again. I tried a similar dish at Earls, but it was not even close.

This particular location in Burnaby is fairly new, compared to other locations, and I must say that it is very nicely designed- both exterior and interior. I wish I could have taken better pictures of the inside to show you guys. I guess the more I do this, the better photographer I would be one day? 😉


Raincoast Greens- 4.5/5

  • $17.00
  • Organic greens, grilled chicken breast (half), avocado, feta, spicy pecans, egg, lemon-thyme vinaigrette
  • One of my favorite salads. I hope they keep this on their menu forever
  • Good quality and fresh ingredients coated with just enough dressing
  • Well-seasoned, tender and moist chickens
  • Very fulfilling and satisfying salad

KakaoTalk_Photo_2015-03-29-22-28-20 KakaoTalk_Photo_2015-03-29-22-28-51Spaghettini + Kobe Style Meatballs – 4/5

  • $22.00
  • Roasted tomato sauce, truffle mushroom cream, fresh ricotta cheese
  • Spaghettini was cooked just right and well-coated with the mushroom sauce
  • Mushroom cream sauce had a good depth of flavour- very delicious
  • Meatballs were tender and moist, not dried nor overcooked
  • Ricotta had some herbs mixed into it- i assumed those were fresh mint but could possibly be wrong
  • Would have been also a nice option if it came without the meatballs but at a lower price, but definitely will order this dish again

KakaoTalk_Photo_2015-03-29-22-27-50There are tons and tons of popular and ‘in trend’ restaurants in Vancouver. I guess having a meal in one of those restaurants seems to give more special feeling than from other chain restaurants, which could be found from many different locations, like Milestones, Earls or Cactus Club Cafe. Personally, I do not have a preference for one over another, as long as I am satisfied with the taste of my food.

I feel like I have been just too behind and should start catching up with Cactus. I am quite excited to try more of the newly added menu items (new for me at least :p). I hope the food from Coquitlam location- my usual is as great as this location and that I would not be coming out with a sad and disappointed tummy.

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