Mean Poutine

Restaurant: Mean Poutine
Cuisine: Poutine/Hot Dog/Fast Food
Area: Downtown
Address: 718 Nelson Street
Parking: Street Parking
Phone: (604)568-4351
Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat 11:00am – 4:00am

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Have you ever slept for 20 hours straight? Well, I just did! When I finally woke up, my hubby was like “are you sure you’re human?” I don’t know what happened to me but I was really feeling tired throughout the week with all the things I had to manage at work. Besides, I was having a sweetest dream (featuring hot guys) so I guess I didn’t want to wake up lol. Let me tell you, I sleep a lot sometimes but I think this is the longest I’ve ever slept in my life and it wasn’t all that good. I had a major headache afterwards. Anyways, hubby was starving to death waiting for me to wake up. He said he has a craving for poutine so we decided to try Mean Poutine on Nelson which is open until 4:00 am.

Mean Poutine is a take-out window serving poutines and hot dogs. There is a small counter on the left hand side where people can stand and eat. We decided to get the Fried Chicken Poutine, the Mama’s Italian Meatballs Poutine, and the Mac and Cheese Dog (As always, our eyes are bigger than our stomachs).




Mac and Cheese Dog – 3/5 

  • $7
  • Classic hot dog topped with macaroni and cheese
  • It was a big hot dog with simply sausage and mac & cheese on top.
  • Nothing too special, just as you would expect it.


Fried Chicken Poutine – 3.5/5 

  • $9
  • Crispy fries, brown gravy, fresh cheese curds, buffalo chicken chunks
  • Fried chicken here was pretty decent with nice crispy exterior.
  • It came with quite a lot of quantity that we were not able to finish it.


Mama’s Italian Meatball Poutine – 3/5 

  • $9
  • Crispy fires, brown gravy, freh cheese curds, italian meatballs, sauteed mushrooms, grilled onions.
  • It came with generous amount of toppings but I wasn’t fan of these Italian meatballs.


Overall, Mean Poutine is a good place to go if you are looking for late night snack as they are open super late (although some reviews mentioned that they don’t stick to their posted hours). You may find the price to be a bit on higher side but the portion size makes up for it. It could have been nicer if we ate them right at the counter instead of taking them back to our place as fries weren’t very crispy when we got home. I would try them again when I have a craving late at night as this place is only 5 minutes walking distance from my place but I don’t think I will be returning here anytime soon.

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