Restaurant: Rajio
Cuisine: Japanese Izakaya
Area: Kitslano
Address: 3763 10th Avenue
Parking: Street Parking
Phone: (604)558-1679
Hours of Operation: Sun-Thurs 5:30pm – 11:30pm, Fri-Sat 5:30pm – 12:00am

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Getting older is no longer fun….I wish this would be my last birthday so that I can stay 28 forever……For me, the only exciting thing about birthdays nowadays is that I get to go and EAT! It’s a perfect excuse to explorer new restaurants because I get to go out on multiple dinners (with different groups of friends) and order bunch of food each time! December really is not the best time for diet for me. I chose to go to a Japanese Izakaya called Rajio which is a sister restaurant of Kingyo and Suika. I’ve been to the other two restaurants multiple times but never to this one.


Their interior decoration had totally Matsuri (Japanese Festival) theme to it. It really reminded me of my childhood memories!






Complimentary Cabbage – 

  • Raw cabbage served with salty and sour sauce.
  • It was simple yet appetizing way of starting the meal.
  • Raw cabbage is well known for various health benefits such as weight loss (high in fiber) and even cures hangovers!


Fresh Oysters (Royal Miyagi) – 4/5 

  • $1.20 per piece or $13.20 for dozen
  • They were really fresh and were served with cold thick plum based sauce.


Mackerel Nang Bang Zuke – 4/5 

  • $3.80
  • Fried Mackerel & Veggies in simple sweet and sour sauce (A Japanese Mackerel Escabeche).
  • The waitress suggested us to order this because it was already made and ready to go (It seems like we looked really hungry!)
  • I’m glad that we ordered this dish because it was really nice and light appetizer before we started digging into more heavier stuff!


*Y’s* Mommy’s Assorted Oden – 4/5 

  • $8.80
  • Oden is a Japanese comfort food
  • Long-simmered one-pot dish with assorted vegetables, meat, fish cakes, and half boiled egg in a kelp and clam based broth served with side of karashi mustard.
  • I love oden! It’s a nice hot soup to warm you up during the winter! My favorite pieces are the radish and the hanpen!


*Y* Ebi Mayo – 4.5/5 

  • $6.80
  • Cilantro Tempura Battered Tiger Prawns with chili mayo & shrimp cracker.
  • I was going to skip ebi mayo because it is such a typical dish but when I saw the word ‘Cilantro’ on their menu and I had to order it!
  • Although there was not much of cilantro taste to it, it was definitely a well prepared ebi mayo!


Dipping Sauce for Kushikatsu

  • Kushikatsu is definitely what makes Rajio unique from other Izakaya restaurant.
  • Kushikats is a deep fried skewers served with dipping sauce.
  • As soon as you order kushikatsu, the server will bring you this adorable dipping sauce jar and a small vase to put all the skewer sticks after you finish eating.
  • “One Dip One Life!” A nice way of reminding their patrons not to double dip.


Kushi Katsu – 3/5 

  • Octopus Ball $1.90, Camembert cheese $1.90, and Chicken $1.80
  • They are kind of like yakitori but panko breaded and deep fried.
  • They were interesting and tasty but chicken skewer came out under-cooked.


Tontoro (Grilled Pork Cheek)– 4.5/5 

  • $6.80
  • Simply grilled pork cheek, seasoned with home-made spice and salt & pepper.
  • I’ve tried tonotoro from several different Izakaya but this one is definitely the best I’ve tried so far!
  • They were very tender and juicy as it was described on the menu!


The KFC!– 4.5/5 

  • $7.80
  • Boneless chicken Kara-age coated with spice mix and komeko rice flour.
  • Wow! Their Karaage is so yummy! The coating was crispy and chicken inside was super juicy.
  • Their Karaage is as good as the ones from Mogu!


Squid Tentacle Kara-Age  – 4/5 

  • $6.80
  • Deep-fried soft texture squid tentacles tossed in their beer friendly spice blend.
  • Rajio’s deep fried stuff are all so good! My sister, who does not enjoy deep fried food, admitted that they were all yummy!


Juicy Grilled ATKA Mackerel – 4/5 

  • $12.00
  • Grilled Atka Mackerel.
  • I ordered this for my daddy because he is a big fan of grilled fish. He really loved it!


Aburi *Shime-Saba* Sushi – 5/5 

  • $12.80
  • Nourishing Mackerel, cured with hokkaido kelp and vinegar, is lightly seared & drizzled with sesame mustard soy.
  • It’s apparently a Kyoto style Feast.
  • Most of the Oshi sushi (pressed sushi) I’ve tried in Vancouver were pretty mediocre due to too much rice. However, I fell in love with Rajio’s because their fish to rice ratio is perfect!
  • Saba was super tender and the sauce went really amazing with it (although my hubby preferred it with less sauce).


Negitoro Battera – 4/5 

  • $9.80
  • Rich chopped Albacore tuna belly is matched with scallions and pickled crunchy daikon radish. It was served with citrus seaweed dressing.
  • I loved their citrus seaweed dressing! It was unique and went very well with the negitoro.


Aburi Toro Avocado Battera – 4/5 

  • $12.80
  • Lightly seared, pressed Canadian Albacore tuna-toro sushi with a thin layer of avocado, shiso herb for an accent & original black sauce.
  • The toro was perfectly seared and the tobiko and the house-made sauce gave a nice kick to this dish.
  •  Some people had hard time picking up the pieces with their chopsticks because the rice were falling apart due to the sauce but I was okay with it!


Black Sweet & Sour Pork Rib– 5/5 

  • $11.80
  • Balsamic vinegar adds complex, tangy sweetness to this classic crowd-pleaser.
  • Everybody at my table fell in love with this dish!
  • Rajio took the word ‘tender’ to a next level! Even the bones were soft! Must Try!


Heavenly Sweet Shrimp Miso Ramen – 3.5/5 

  • $9.80
  • Deep-golden shrimp soup is made by folding finely ground shrimp meat into 3 kinds of miso paste and whisked with the broth extracted from shrimp & pork bone.
  • The embellished ramen served with slices of cha-shu pork & shrimp infused garlic oil.
  • It was a really rich and creamy ramen with noodles being a bit on chewier side in a good way.


Sea urchin & Ikura Carbonara Udon  – 4/5 

  • $13.80
  • Rich & creamy sea urchin pan fried udon noodle served with ikura.
  • We did not taste the flavors of uni as much but I loved how it was served with Ikura!


It’s time for dessert~! I don’t usually order dessert after my dinner because I have tendency of ordering so much food and I never have the room left in my stomach for dessert. But, I had to order their dessert because they were house-made and I love Japanese style desserts that are not too sweet.


Smooth Creme Brulee– 3.5/5 

  • $3.80
  • It was a nice custard base without the hard caramel that usually comes on creme brulee.
  • It was nicely made with good amount of sweetness and not too overwhelmingly sweet.


Yuzu Cheesecake with Salted Caramel – 4/5 

  • $5.20
  • This was the cheesecake of the day and the chef told us hewas really happy with the outcome!
  • The salted caramel sauce on top really went well with the cheesecake.


Mango Almond Tofu – 4/5 

  • $3.80
  • My favorite dessert! Tofu! lol
  • It tasted somewhat like mango pudding but in a less guilty way!


I really enjoyed the food at the Rajio Public House that I came back the very next day to bring my family. All the food items were prepared carefully and I would say this is my favorite Izakaya restaurant in Greater Vancouver for now. If you haven’t tried this restaurant yet, please go and try because their foods are awesome!

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